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A killer Tsunami hit the southeast Asian countries on the \(26\)th of December \(2004\). A massive earthquake with a magnitude of \(9.1 - 9.3\) in the Richter scale epicenter on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.
It triggered one of the biggest Tsunamis the world had ever witnessed. The massive waves measuring up to 30 meters killed more than \(2,00,000\) people in Asia.
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Damaged houses
In India, over \(10,000\) people were killed by this disaster. Tamil Nadu alone accounted for \(1,705\) deaths. All the coastal districts were affected, and Nagapattinam was the worst hit in the state of Tamil Nadu.
Fishermen, tourists, morning walkers, children playing on the beach, and people living on the coast were unprepared for the waves.
 So, they lost their lives and most of the loss of lives and damage to property were within \(500\) meters of the shore.
Remainings of Tsunami in Rameshwaram
After that, the Indian government set up a Tsunami Early Warning System at Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad in \(2007\).
Tsunami: Frans Delian / shutterstock