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Wood Pulp and Paper Industry:
In the United States, the timber industry is strong in the Pacific Northwest, the Gulf states, and South Atlantic coastal plains.  Forestry is a major industry in the Canadian provinces such as Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.
Wood pulp on hand

North America produces about 50 per cent of the world’s wood pulp and newsprint. Canada is the largest producer and exporter of all kinds of paper in the world. Paper industries are particularly concentrated in Ontario in Canada. Some of the largest paper mills are found in these temperate rain forests.
Paper industry - North America Industries - yaclass.jpg
Paper industry
Textiles Industry
The textiles industry of North America manufactures all kinds of textiles like cotton, woolen, and synthetic.
The United States is the largest producer of Cotton Textiles.
The industries are mainly located in Texas, California, Arizona, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Toronto, Cornwell and Kingston are the major textile centres in Canada.
Yarn Industry North America Industries - yaclass.jpg
Yarn Industry
Embroidery section in Textile industry North America Industries - yaclass.jpg
Embroidery section in Textile industry
Moreover, the yarn does not frequently break as the area's cool and wet climate is most suitable for spinning and weaving. The Woolen Textile industries are located in the east of the Alleghany Plateau.
The New England region contains \(70\%\) of woollen textile industries. North America is the second-largest producer of synthetic fibres. Rayon and other synthetic fibres are made up of cellulose obtained from wood Pulp.
The Meat-Packing Industry
This is one of the most important industry in Canada and the USA, where cattle rearing is done on a large scale in the Prairies. The rich grazing lands in Prairies support a huge population of Cattle. Chicago, Kansas City, Saint Louis in the United States and Calgary and Winnipeg in Canada are the important meat-packing centres.
Meat Industry North America Industries - yaclass.jpg
Meat factory plant in North America