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North America is the world's most industrially developed continent, and the reason is continent's rich mineral resources. The rich mineral resources found in the continent cratered the needs of industries, which paved the way for industrial development.
Due to the availability of large mineral deposits like coal, iron ore etc., and good transportation network like roads, railways and canals in the region, the northeastern part of the continent has high concentration of industries.
Truck trailer carrying cars - Cars manufacturing in America - North America - yaclass.jpg
Truck trailer carrying cars
The United States is one of the most industrialized countries in the world. Industry contributes about \(25\%\) of the Gross National Product. The United State ranks first in Iron and Steel industry. They use the cutting edge technology in developing their industries.
Major industries in North America are:
1. Iron and Steel Industry
2. Heavy Engineering Industries
3. Wood Pulp and Paper Industry
4. Textiles Industry
5. The Meat-Packing Industry
Iron and Steel Industry
The North American continent is the world's most important Iron and Steel industrial centre. Industries manufacturing Iron and Steel require Iron Ore, Coal and cheap transportation.
Liquid iron poured in foundry - North America Industry - yaclass.jpg
Liquid iron poured in foundry

Red hot iron bar from furnace, Liquid iron poured in foundry - North America Industry - yaclass.jpg
Red hot iron bar from furnace
The important centres of the Iron and Steel industries are Pittsburgh, Chicago and Birmingham in the United States and Hamilton in Canada.
Heavy Engineering Industries:
Cheap availability of coal and steel nourished heavy engineering industries to flourish in North America.
Heavy Industries are industries that:
1. Require heavy and bulky raw materials
2. Uses enormous amounts of power
3. Involves huge investment and large transport costs
These industries heavily depend on the Iron and Steel industry.
Metalworking CNC milling machine, North America Industry - yaclass.jpg
Metalworking CNC milling machine

Aircraft Industry, North America Industry - yaclass.jpg
Aircraft Industry
Important Heavy Industries:
Automobile industries, aircraft industries, ship building industries, Railway Wagon industries and farm equipment industries.
USA is the largest producer of automobiles.
Important Centers of heavy engineering industries: Detroit, Chicago, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Saint Louis, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Atlanta in USA and Windsor in Canada.