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Cattle rearing:
Livestock and livestock products make up a significant proportion of the population’s diet, contributing \(40\%\) to the total food energy. The livestock industry in this region has been very dynamic. Introduced animals have been bred with indigenous animals to form new breeds.
Cattle grazing in the pasture - North America Geography - Yaclass.jpg
Cattle grazing in the pasture

In the drier parts of the Prairies, in the southwestern part of United States, cattle rearing is carried on a commercial scale. Vast herds of Cattle and Sheep are kept on large Ranches. Richer pastures are used for cattle rearing, and poorer sparse fields are used for sheep. North America is the largest producer of meat, and it contributes around one-fourth of the world production.
Dairy farming:
A dairy farming is an activity established for the harvesting or processing of animal milk – from cows or goats, but also from buffaloes, sheep, horses or camels – for human consumption.
In other terms, dairy farming is basically the production of dairy products like cheese, butter, milk compounds etc.
Cows on a Dairy Farming - North America Geography - Yaclass.jpg
Cows on a Dairy Farming

It is an important industry of the USA and Canada. Dairy farming is found in the cooler and humid part of the Prairies, Great lakes areas and northeast region along the Atlantic coast. North America produces about \(25\) per cent of the world's total milk and dairy products.
Fish has a relatively minor role in the American diet. This is why the domestic fishing industry hasn't flourished in North America while Japanese, Russian, and Scandinavian vessels intensively exploit the rich North Atlantic and North Pacific fisheries for their home and export markets.
But, Fishing is locally important in the seas around the continent. 
Fishing activity - North America Geography - Yaclass.jpg
Fishing activity
Grand bank:
Grand bank is one of the world's best fishing grounds. It is located in the island of Newfoundland in Canada. Meeting of cold Labrador current and warm Gulf Stream provides suitable condition for fish to thrive.
Plenty of plankton brought by Labrador Current serves as food for fish. Cod, Herring, Mackerel, Salmon and Halibut are the wide varieties of fish in North America.