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Location and Area:
Latitudinal extent:
Most of the continent lies between the Arctic circle and the Tropic of Cancer. Longitudinally it roughly looks like an inverted triangle with its base at the North.
Important latitudes passing through:
LatitudePassing through
Tropic of Cancer(\(23½°N\))Mexico
Arctic Circle (\(66½°N\))Northern part of Canada
Longitudinal extent:
Boundaries of North America:
The continent extends from the Aleutian Islands in the northwest to the Isthmus of Panama in the south. It includes the island of Greenland in the northeast and the small island countries and territories in the Caribbean Sea and western North Atlantic Ocean.
Map of North America - Political map of North America - yaclass.png
Map of North America
Pacific OceanWest
Atlantic OceanEast
Arctic OceanNorth
South AmericaSouth
Isthmus of Panama joins North America with South America.
The Bering Strait separates North America from Asia.
Difference between Isthmus and Strait:
It is a narrow land.It is a narrow water body.
It connects two large landmasses.It connects two large water bodies.
Isthmus of panama.jpg
Isthmus of panama
Political Divisions
North America is politically divided into three large and several small countries. Canada is the largest country; it is followed by the United States of America and Mexico. The south of Mexico, which is referred to as central America, has seven small countries. They are Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Belize.
Map of Central America.png
Map of Central America