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Being the third largest continent in terms of areas, North America has a wide range of physical features ranging from the highest peak to a deep valley. Also, it has some of the oldest and youngest rocks in the world. 
As far as the physiographic regions of North America are considered, they have a strong north-south alignment. Let's take a closer look at how the landforms are classified.
The highest peak of North America: McKinley (\(6194m\))
The lowest point of North America: Death Valley (\(86m\) below sea level)
Different authors classified the physical features differently. North America is widely divided into four physical regions; each of them are characterised by unique landform and physical attributes as following:
1. The Rocky Mountains,
2. The Great Plains,
3. The Appalachian Highlands and
4. The Coastal Plain
In the following chapters, let us take a small tour of this beautiful continent.
Terrain map of North America.jpg
Terrain map of North America