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Democracy means rule by the people. It combines two Greek words, Demos refers to citizen, and Kratos means either power or rule.
Role of Media in Democracy
Media is the backbone of democracy. In a democratic society, mass media is the driving force of public opinion. It also strengthens the democratic value. It empowers the people by providing balanced facts. It educates the voters and ensures that government is transparent and accountable. The media reports every action of the government. Based on the information, the citizen can know about the functioning of the government and day to day happenings.
Media reminds the government of its unfulfilled commitments to the public. Parliamentary democracy can prosper only under the watchful eyes of the media. Media acts as a bridge between the state and the public. Thus, the media acts as a watchdog of the democratic government. A democracy without media is like a vehicle without a wheel.
Local Media:
Local media addresses public locality. It informs about the local issues in a locality.
In the age of information and technology, media plays a very significant role in educating the masses. The media should not publish anything which corrupts the public mind and disturbs social peace. For a healthy society, sharing  of views, free flow of information, free communication
and expression plays a crucial role. Media, being powerful and important instruments of expression, have got a lot to contribute. Mass media have made the world smaller and closer.
Referred from TN state board 7th Social science Term- II Book - Media and Democracy.