Majority Party:
If the number of candidates from a particular political party is elected more, than others, then it is called the majority party. The Majority party forms Government and appoint their ministers to run the Government. The majority party makes vital decisions and laws for the country.
Blue denotes the Majority party
Minority Party:
Those parties with lesser number of elected candidates are called the minority parties.
Opposition Party:
The political party which gets the second largest number of seats next to the majority party is called the Opposition party. A strong opposition is vital for the operation of democracy. The leader of the opposition party enjoys the rank of Cabinet Minister.
Importance of Opposition party:
  • The opposition party checks the autocratic tendencies of the ruling party.
  • The opposition party analyze and examine the schemes and bills introduced by the Government.
  • They raise their voice on the failures and wrong policies of the ruling party.
  • They highlight important issues which the Government does not act upon.
Ruling party vs an Opposition party
Coalition Government:
In India, due to the diversified character of Indian society, it is difficult for a single party to secure the majority required to form the Government. In such a case, some political parties join together to form the Government. Such a Government is called the Coalition Government.