Hello students, today we are going to read about a vital topic related to Politics. In politics, the Political parties plays a significant role in forming a government for introducing and implementing welfare schemes. In this chapter, we will read about,
  • What a political party is and to understand the importance of the political party.
  • The role and function of a political party.
  • The party system in India and the role of the opposition party.
King as the supreme head:
In History, we have read that emperors and kings ruled ancient India. The king was the supreme head of the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary branches. The welfare of people and governance all depended on the ruler. People had no rights against the ruler.
Great Indian king - Chatrapati Shivaji
Colonial rule and democracy:
The western powers (Europeans) made India their colonies. Later India achieved freedom, and these colonies became states. After Independence, India became a democratic country, and in democracy, people can give their opinions on any subject.
For democracy to flourish, a strong political party system is essential.