Now we know the meaning of political party and their characteristics. Let's move on to read about their types and their functions in modern democratic states.
There are four types of political parties:
I) Reactionary parties cling to the old socio-economic and political institutions - Rightist parties.
II) Liberal parties aim at reforming the existing institutions - Centrist parties.
III) Conservative parties believe in the status-quo - Rightist parties.
IV) Radical parties aim to establish a new order by overthrowing the existing institutions - Leftist parties.
Functions of the Political Parties:
Govern: To form and run the government. To develop public policy.
Organize: Organize political campaign, rallies and announcement of Manifesto to win public office.
Nominate: Political parties select and nominate individuals to elected office.
Inspire: Put forward different policies and schemes for the welfare of the people.
Provide: loyal opposition, accountability & stability in administering the state.
Party 'manifesto': During the campaign before the election, the candidates announce the schemes and policies their party will undertake if voted to power.
How to form a political party in India?
  • First, the political party must get registered with the Election Commission of India.
  • The party must have atleast \(100\) members supporting them. Each member needs to hold a voting card.
  • The political party must write a Party Constitution which reflects their ideals.