In the last module, we learnt about the various causes of accidents. Let us see what are the basic road safety rules to be followed by everyone.
India has designed its own road safety rules for protecting the road users from meeting with accidents and injury.
As per the Indian law,
  • One should be eligible to get a driving license at the age of \(18\).
  • Sound horn is prohibited near a hospital or a school zone.
  • Slow down on bends and turns, especially in hill stations.
  • The Motor Vehicle Act, \(1988 \) passed by the Parliament came into force in \(1989\); recently, this act was amended in \(2019\) to add new provisions to the act.
In the below table, you will learn about the \(10\) Golden Rules for Road Safety.
Why to follow ?
Stop or Slowdown in Zebra crossings
Allow pedestrians to cross first at zebra crossing.
Buckle Up
Seat belts reduce the chances of death of car occupant by over 60%.
Obey Traffic Rules and Signs
 To prevent accidents.
Obey Speed Limit
For own safety and for others.
Keep Vehicle Fit
To prevent frequent breakdowns and difficulty in controlling vehicle which may lead to accidents.
Never use Mobile Phone while driving
To avoid distraction.
Wear Helmet
To protect head and also reduces the chances of severe head injury by over 70%.
Never drive dangerously
For own safety and for others.
Be Courteous
Share road with all and be considerate.
Never mix Drink and Drive
Be responsible, Don't drink and drive.
Everyone must follow these basic rules while travelling on the road to avoid disastrous road accidents.