In this module, we will learn about the meaning of the term 'Accident' and also its causes.
Accident means an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury to life or property.
Causes for Road Accidents
Distracted driving:
This is a major reason for accidents nowadays. Distracted driving mainly refers to speaking over the mobile phone or texting message or engaging in any activities with concentration diverted from driving.
Reckless driving:
If the driver purposely disregards the rules of the road, it is reckless driving such as driving in high speeds leads to accidents. So, following traffic signals and rules are important for safe travel.
Night driving:
There is a high chance of road accident during the night due to uncontrolled sleep, tiredness due to long drive, poor lighting on the road. So, driving with extra alertness is always advisable during the night time.
Tailgating refers to a condition where a driver drives behind another vehicle without leaving sufficient distance between them. This is dangerous because when the front vehicle stops suddenly, the two vehicles may crash into each other.
Heavy Traffic:
Heavy traffic can also cause accident at times, and more vehicles on the road add to pollution in the atmosphere.
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Road conditions:
The condition of road plays a major part in how we travel. Pits and potholes on the road can lead to accidents. So, regular expansion and repairing of roads are necessary for the safe driving.
Avoidance of safety gears:
Avoiding the use of helmets for two-wheelers and seat belts for four-wheelers can lead to accidents. This is prevalent in the youngsters, but they must understand that helmets and seatbelts are for one's own safety.
Impatience of Pedestrians:
Impatience of Pedestrians in crossing the roads leads to accident. Pedestrians should wait for the traffic signal and cross the road only with the help of Zebra crossings to avoid any accidents.
Other causes:
Drunken driving, jumping red light, over speeding and unmanned railway crossings have high chances for causing an accident.
In this module, we have learnt the various causes of road accidents. So, there is a need to recognize and follow road safety rules for safe travel. Now, the question arises, how to travel safely? To know about the road safety rules, follow the next module.