In this chapter, we will learn about the meaning of accident and its causes and preventive measures for travelling on the road. Road safety is important because we daily travel through various means to get  to our destinations. Let us learn about different traffic signs.
Road safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured.
The invention of the wheel changed the way human beings travel nowadays. It raised a revolution in the manufacturing of automobiles and other vehicles.
There are three modes of transport, namely Land transport, Water transport and Air transport. In this chapter, we will learn about different safety precautions to take while using road transportation.
Why is road safety required?
Accidents are more prevalent in India, which leads to a threatening impact on Indian lives, growth and economy. It is a saddening fact that India is the world’s largest contributor to road accidents.
As young students, it is important that you learn about the road safety rules.
The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released the annual report on Road Accidents in India.
The report shows \(53\)  crashes and the loss of \(17\) lives every hour.
The road traffic injuries were the eighth leading cause of death in India in \(2018\).