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We have seen how government and individuals take various preventive measures for safe road travel. Now let's see how parents, teachers, and the media can play a significant role in making road travel more safe for everyone.
Parents and Teachers:
Parents and Teachers play a vital role in teaching road safety Education  among young ones. So they have to set an example for them in adhering to the safety rules and regulations.
  • Help your children learn about the traffic signals and rules.
  • Teach children to use the zebra crossing while crossing the road.
  • Warn them not to run across or along the road.
  • Teach them to use the footpath while walking on the road.
Teachers can:
  • Provide Road Safety education since childhood.
  • Teach them about the signs of traffic rules.
  • Teach them about the importance of safety gears.
  • Teach them about procedures of first aid and safety procedures.
Media in today's world has immense influencing power among the youngster's of this country. So media like radio, TV, films and advertisement could take up the responsibility of creating awareness on road safety.
Actors , sportspersons and influencers can play a more significant role in creating awareness about road safety among the youths.
For safe road travel, traffic signs play a major role. In the next module, we will learn about the traffic signs and its types and importance.