In this module, we shall learn about the traffic sign and its importance.
Traffic signs act as silent conductors of the traffic on the road. Traffic signs helps a lot in road safety as it gives information to both drivers and pedestrians.
According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation, the various road traffic signs are classified into four main groups and sub-categories, for example:
Regulatory: Control/Command/Prohibition/Reservation
Warning: Road Layout/Direction of Movement
Guidance: Location/Route Markers/Direction
Temporary: Command/Prohibition
Traffic signs are important in making road travel more safer and secure.
Road Safety Week:
Road safety week is a national event that promotes public awareness about traffic rules and decreases casualties due to road accidents. It is observed annually in India. A variety of programmes related to road safety is conducted during road safety week. Educational banners, safety posters, pamphlets, and pocket guides linked to road safety are distributed to the public.
Every year, in January, the Government of India observe 'Road Safety Week' awareness.
In this module, we learned about the importance of traffic signs and the category of traffic signs. We also talked about road safety week.