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Types of Tourism
From ancient times, travel is a fascination for mankind. It is also a significant factor that led to the development of mankind to the extent where we are now. Based on nature, utility, time and distance, tourism can be divided as indicated below.
Religious tourism
Cultural tourism
Historical tourism
Adventure tourism
Recreational tourism
Religious tourism
Religious tourism is one of the oldest types of tourism, where people travel in groups or individually for missionary, pilgrimage, and internal (spiritual) leisure to a religious location such as temples, churches, mosques and other religious places. Religious tourism is also denoted as faith tourism.
Religious tour to Kasi (Varanasi) and Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu) by Hindus, to Jerusalem by Christians and to Mecca by Muslims.
People travelling to some important religious events like Kumbha Mela, Athi Varadar also comes under religious tourism.
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Kumbh mela
Historical Tourism
Historical tourism is sometimes referred to as heritage tourism. The primary purpose of this tour is to explore the history and heritage of a place. It focuses on visiting historically important places like museums that document the past through artefacts, art, and literary remains, monuments, archaeological areas, forts, temples and so on.
Countries like Egypt, India, Russia, Iraq, and several European capitals are the top choices when it comes to heritage tourism.
Mahabalipuram Shore temple
Angkorwat of Cambodia, Tajmahal of India and Pyramids of Egypt are some of the examples to quote for Historical Tourism. Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram are important historic towns in Tamil Nadu.
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