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The Basic components of Tourism
Tourism has grown into an important source of income for many regions. In some countries, tourism serves as a predominant source of income, and the entire economy is based on tourism. Tourism has become an essential source of income for many regions and even for some countries of the world because of its direct impact on social, cultural, educational and economic sectors of the nation and on theirinternational relations (political).
The three main components of tourism are
  • Attraction
  • Accessibility
  • Amenities
These three components are together called as A3 concept.
Attractions mainly comprise of two types, such as:
  • Natural attraction
  • Cultural attraction
The natural attraction includes picturesque landscape, seascape, beaches, climatic conditions and forests.
The cultural attraction includes historical monuments and other intellectual creations. Apart from this, cultural attractions also include fairs and festivals.
Accessibility means the ease of access or ease with which one can reach a particular place of attraction through various modes of transport such as road, rail, water and air. The type of available transport decides the cost of travel and the time taken in reaching or accessing a specific attraction.
Amenities are the facilities that serve the needs of a tourist.
  1. Accommodations in terms of hotels, restaurants, cafes and other staying units.
  2. Travel organizers, Tour operators, Travel Agents and local guides.
  3. Foreign exchange centres, passport and visa agencies
  4. Sectors related to Travel Insurance, Safety and Security