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Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries
In India, one can enjoy nature, festivals, culture and traditions. Apart from this one can enjoy wildlife which is becoming increasingly popular. India is the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts who wants to see wild animals in their natural habitat. There are many National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries; you can explore more than \(104\) national parks, \(18\) Bio reserves and \(500+\) wildlife sanctuaries across India.

The varied climate of India supports a wide range of forests and grasslands. Diversity of these lands and climate makes it one of the hotspots for flora and fauna. The dense and dark forest of the Indian States provides suitable habitat for a wide and unique variety of animals and birds.
One Horned Rhinoceros
There are the best places to go to for a visual treat of Royal Bengal tigers, Indian lions, elephants, rhinoceros, Indian leopards, reptiles, and even, more which reflect the importance that the country places on nature and wildlife conservation. India is most popularly known for its tigers.
Bird sanctuaries attract attention for their exclusive variety of birds. India's Diverse range of climate  invite birds from remote places to feed, breed, and to nurture their young ones in the Indian bird sanctuaries.
Wildlife Sanctuaries in India
Wildlife sanctuary
1.Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary Tamil Nadu Tiger, Elephant, Bison, Deer
2.Kaziranga National Park Assam Tiger, Deer, Buffalo
3.Ranthambore National Park RajasthanTiger
4.Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh Swamp Deer
5.Sundarbans National Park West Bengal Bengal Tiger
6.Gir National Park Gujarat Lions
7.Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary Karnataka Bison, Leopard, Gaur
8.Periyar National Park Kerala Elephant, Deer
9.Corbett National Park Uttarakhand Tiger
10.Bandipur National parkKarnatakaElephant, Tiger, Bear, Sambhar, Panther
11.Balphakram SanctuaryMeghalayaTiger, Elephant, Bison, Marbled cat, Red Panda, Wild Water buffalo
12.Corbett National parkUttarakhandElephant, Tiger, Sloth bear, Nilgai, Panther, Sambhar
Bird Sanctuaries in India
Bird Sanctuary
1.Koonthankulam bird sanctuaryTamil Nadu
2.Kumarakom bird sanctuaryKerala
3.Bharatpur bird sanctuary Rajasthan
4.Mayani bird sanctuary Maharashtra
5.Uppalapadu bird sanctuary Andhra Pradesh
6.Kolleru Bird SanctuaryAndhra Pradesh
7.Nal Sarovar bird sanctuaryGujarat
8.Nawabganj bird sanctuary Uttar Pradesh
9.Sultanpur Bird SanctuaryHaryana
10.City Bird SanctuaryChandigarh
11.Okhla Bird SanctuaryDelhi
12.Chorao Island (Dr.Salim Ali ) WLS (Bird)Goa
13.Porbandar Bird SanctuaryGujarat
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