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Covered by dense forest, surrounded by huge walls of rock and lush green trees, waterfalls are always adventurous in India. Among these waterfalls, some are seasonal, while some are perennial. During the monsoon season, a few of the amazing waterfalls swings in. This season brings a lot of tourists to these bubbling waterfall sites. Notable waterfalls of India are given below:
Aathirappally waterfalls
Geographical location
1Thalaiyar waterfallsHorse tail type located in Dindugul district of Tamil NaduManjalar
2Jog waterfallsSegmented waterfall (Raja, Rani and thunder) located in
Shimoga district of Karnataka.
3Nohkalikai waterfallsTallest plunge type of waterfall situated in the East Khasi hill
district of Meghalaya.
4Talakona waterfallsIt is the highest waterfall in Andhra Pradesh. A lot of medicinal herbs are seen around the region.Talakona
5Aathirappally waterfalls The Niagara of India, is located in Thrissur district of Kerala.Chalakudy
6Kunchikal FallsHighest waterfall in India (Karnataka)Varahi
7Teerathgarh FallsBlock type Waterfall (Chattisgarh)Munga bahar
8Pandavgad FallsPlunge waterfall (Maharashtra)--