India is a peninsular county with Islands dotted both the sides of peninsular part. India has one of the longest coast line measuring \(7417\)\(km\). This comprises many scenic beaches bounded by Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea. Indian beaches are adorned with diverse coastal landforms filled with aquatic flora and fauna. Lush backwater in the lagoons of Kerala and picturesque beaches of Goa such as Calangute, Aguda are famous tourist destinations for water sports activities. The most charming and enchanting beaches of India are listed below.

Geographical features
1Dhanushkodi Tamil Nadu Turquoise blue seawater
2Varkala BeachKerala Sea Cliffs for wonderful sunset views
3Tarkarli BeachMaharashtra Coral reefs and marine adventure
4OM Beach Karnataka Two semi-circular caves that join together forming the inverted symbol of OM
5Aguda Beach Goa  A huge hill dominates the southern side of the beach.
6Marari Beach Kerala Saddle like a rock(Hammock) Beach