The Downfall of the Sangama dynasty
  • The Sangama dynasty was the first among the dynasties of the Vijayanagar empire, which ruled for a span of \(20 years \)(1336 – 1356). The rulers of the dynasty were able administrators who defended their territories against the threat of Bahman sultans.
  • Post the death of its greatest rulers Harihara and Bukka I, the throne was handed over to Harihara II, who followed the policy of expanding territories across empires. He also invaded and won over places like Dabhol, Srisailam, Goa and Chaul from the Bahman sultans.
HARIHARA II: The ruler took titles like “Vedamarga Pravartaka and Vaidkamarga Sthapanacharya”, who was an able ruler.
  • Devaraya I, the son of Bukka, engaged in warfare with the Bahman sultans of Gulbarga, Velamas of Telangana, and Gajapati’s of Odisha.
The Reign of Deva Raya II:
  • He was considered the greatest ruler of the Sangama dynasty, as he was very successful in defending and protecting the dynasty’s territories against the sultans of the Bahmani kingdom.
  • He invaded the Lankan kingdom, which earned him huge war booties that he later used to enhance his city.
  • The Sangama dynasty met its end after the death of Deva Raya II. The entire dynasty collapsed due to the political crisis, which was seen as an opportunity by Saluva Narasimha, the commander of the Vijayanagar army.  
The Saluva Dynasty: (1485 – 1505)
  • Saluva Narasimha, who served the army of the Sangama dynasty, ascended the throne under the Saluva dynasty after murdering Virupaksha Raya II, the last ruler of the Sangama dynasty.
  • Narasimha adopted the expansionary policy by taking control over the western ports of Mangalore and Bakanur in western Karnataka.
NARASIMHA RAYA II: He was the son of Saluva Narasimha, who was murdered by his army commander Narasa Nayaka, who later established a new dynasty named the Tuluva Dynasty.
  • The Saluva dynasty met its end in a quick time after the death of Saluva Narasimha. His son was inept in handling the affairs of the territory.