The Legislative Council is also known as the upper house of the State Legislature. It is a permanent body but can be abolished by passing a resolution in Parliament.
The minimum strength is 40 and the maximum is one third of the total members of the Legislative Assembly.
e.g. if the total number of legislative assembly members are 240, then the maximum number Legislative Council should be 80. 
The tenure of its members is six years. The Chairman who is elected by its members is the presiding officer, conducts the meetings and maintains the decorum of the house. The Deputy Chairman will conduct the meetings in the absence of the chairman. Chairman and Deputy Chairman are basically the members of the legislative council and are elected by the other members.
How members are elected to the Legislative Council
Members are partially elected and partially nominated. 
  • 1/3rd are elected by legislative assembly.
  • 1/3rd are elected by members of Municipalities, District boards and other local bodies.
  • 1/12th is elected by the graduates in the state with a standing of three years.
  • 1/12th is elected by teachers from secondary schools and other educational institutions with a minimum of three years of teaching experience.
  • 1/6th are nominated by the governor of the state.
Essential Qualification to become a member of legislative council
  • Must be an Indian citizen
  • Should be 30 years old
  • Must enrol in the voters list of the state
  • Should not be a sitting MP (Lok and Rajya Sabha) or MLA