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Tertiary Economic Activities
These activities provide essential services and support the industries to function. Activities that involve the transfer and distribution of tangible and intangible goods are referred to as tertiary economic activities.
Often these industries are referred to as service industries. This level includes transportation, banking, utilities, education, retail, housing, health care and other services. Since the school educates us, it is classified under tertiary activity.
Quarternary industries
Specialized tertiary activities in the 'Knowledge Sector' that demands a separate classification are called Quaternary Activities.
In other words, industries associated with the creation and transfer of information, including research and training, are called Quarternary industries. These industries are referred to as information industries.

As a result of advancements in technology and electronic display and transmission of information, these industries are experiencing dramatic growth. For example, we watch television. The programs are telecasted from television stations.
Quinary Economic Activity
Quinary economic activities are high-level decision-making processes by executives in education, industries, business, and government. This sector includes top-level executives or officials in the fields of science and technology, universities, medicine etc.
In our house, our parents purchase household articles and make decisions by themselves in some situations. Similarly, the
council of ministers take decisions to introduce various people welfare schemes in the state.