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Socio-cultural causes of Migration
Social and cultural factors also play a significant role in the process of migration. Sometimes family conflicts, the quest for independence, i.e. to move away from the control of family elders, also cause migration, especially among the youngsters. Improved travel and communication facilities, such as transportation, the impact of television, social media , the cinema, the urban-oriented education and resultant change in attitude and values also promote migration.
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Migration of women after marriage to their husband's house and migration associated with pilgrimage is based on socio-cultural customs.
Demographic causes of Migration
In a demographic sense, the differences in the rates of population growth, age and sex, overpopulation, and underpopulation among different regions of a nation are determinants in internal migration. For instance, in rural areas, fertility and the natural increase in population are generally higher, i.e. overpopulation in rural regions works as a push factor, and underpopulated cities serve as a pull factor that drifts the population towards the city.
Another important demographic factor in internal migration is marriage because women used to follow their spouses (push factor). 
Female migrants outnumber male migrants in Europe, Northern America, Oceania and Latin America and the Caribbean, while in Africa and Asia, particularly Western Asia, migrants are predominantly men. (International Migration Report, 2017).
Political causes of Migration
Sometimes even political factors push or pull migrants from one region to another. Hence, the political background, attitudes and individualistic viewpoint of the people influenced the migration of people.

Various political causes like wars, colonization, change in government or government policies etc., have always been playing an important role in human migration from time to time. Being a factor of devastation, wars have been one of the significant causes of migration since ancient times.
E.g. Srilankan Tamils migrating to India due to internal war.
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