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Census 2011 and Tamil Nadu:

1. The Census of \(2011\) has laid down a plethora of statistical information regarding the population and other factors. One of the important data displayed by the Census was the information on States.

2. Tamil Nadu was one such State whose data augur well for the policymakers of the State. The migrants percentage of Tamil Nadu \((43\%)\) is much higher than the national average of \(37\%\).

3. According to one of the data in the Census, almost \(77.2\%\) of the migrants who come to Tamil Nadu are from its neighbouring states and not from the North Indian States as we believe.
Domination of Rural Migrants:

Contrary to the national scene where the Urban migration is higher than the Rural migration, Tamil Nadu is experiencing the exact reverse of what’s happening in the nation.
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Rural Migration
The percentage of Rural migration \((41\%)\) is higher than the number of people preferring Urban places \((35\%)\) in the State.

Among the people, migration among Women of Tamil Nadu \((52\%)\) is higher than that of the Males \((35\%)\). The scenario is similar in the overall nation.

Causes for Migration:

1. The reason for migration among Tamil Nadu people is very similar to that of the reasons split by the Census and National Data.
According to the Census, nearly \(22\%\) of people in Tamil Nadu had migrated to other places for reasons other than Employment, Marriage or Education.
2. Women \((51\%)\) cite marriage as the prime reason for their internal migration, while the men (26%) suggest employment opportunities and better livelihood as the important reasons for their migration.
Emigrants to Foreign Nations:
The migration pattern among the people of Tamil Nadu had witnessed a sea of change after the beginning of the \(\text{21st Century}\). They slowly began to migrate to foreign nations in search of better employment and standard of living.

Emigration and migration.png
  • According to a study on Tamil Nadu Migration, \(65\%\) of the migrating people are willing to settle in countries like Australia, Gulf countries.
  • Among the people of Tamil Nadu migrating to foreign, \(85\%\) are men, and \(15\%\) are women.
Districts and Migration:

Districts of Tamil Nadu witness differential influx of migration according to the opportunities, claims a study.
Chennai: Among the districts of Tamil Nadu, the emigration is highest in Chennai.
Districts like Kanyakumari and Krishnagiri have seen the highest influx of migrants (40%) due to marriage. Places such as Perambalur and Namakkal witness a high influx for the cause of education.

Salem, Nilgris, Dharmapuri and Karur are some of the districts of Tamil Nadu that attract very few migrants due to the lack of employment or recreational opportunities.