"A Different Kind of School" is an abridged and simplified version of the short story "The School for Sympathy". The story is written by E.V. Lucas. It is taken from the collection called "A Little of Everything" published in the year \(1912\).
The lesson is told in the form of a story. The entire story takes place in a school run by Miss Beam. The school is famous for its unique approach to education.
There are three major characters. They are:
1. The narrator - A gentleman who visits the school to learn more about it
2. Miss Beam - The headmistress of the school
3. A young girl who shares her experiences with the gentleman
There are two other minor characters such as the bandaged girl and the helper boy who appear in the beginning of the story.
There are also characters who are mentioned by the young girl in her conversation with the gentleman. They are:
1. Millie, the head girl
2. Anita, a girl on crutches
3. Peter, an elderly gardener