Edward Verrall Lucas, widely known as E. V. Lucas or Lucas, is the author of the lesson "A Different kind of School". He was born in London on June \(11\), \(1868\). He had several roles to play in the field of literature. He was a poet, essayist, novelist, travel writer, publisher, critic, biographer, and editor.
Lucas is known for his prolific works. In an interesting observation made by a fellow writer, 'Lucas must have written more words than he had ever spoken in his entire life'. It doesn't mean that he spoke less, but that he wrote more. He has authored and published more than \(150\) books, of which \(30\) are collections of essays, \(12\) are novels, and \(15\) are travel books.
Not only that he has countless works to his credit, but he had also written on wider topics. He wrote books on various subjects such as art, travel, and topography. His biography of Charles Lamb, known as "The Life of Charles Lamb", published in the year \(1905\), is considered as the principle biography of the author. His other important works are the collection of essays called "Old Lamps for New" (\(1911\))  and "Only the Other Day" (\(1936\)). He is also famous for his "Wanderer" series which records his travel experiences.
The lesson "A Different Kind of School" appears in his collection called "A Little of Everything". The book, as the title suggests, is a collection of a variety of genres. The content of the book can be categorised into essays, short stories, travelogues, etc.
His works are remembered for their humour and satire. His essays and stories are mostly light and easy to understand.
Lucas died in London on June \(26\), \(1938\), at the age of \(70\).
E. V. Lucas in the year 1904*
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