When I grow up, I want to become a seed collector. We have cotton fields in our village and every year, my father spends a lot of money on buying new seeds to grow our cotton plants. My grandfather told me that many years ago, he could collect the seeds from his own plants which could be sown to grow new plants during the next year. But today that doesn't work so we have to spend money to buy new seeds every single year. I want to find out why that is so. I want to learn how to preserve seeds so that we can use them again and not spend money every year.
Nasir aspires to become a seed collector. A seed collector is one who gathers and collects seeds for planting trees in the future. This helps them to grow more plants and trees, belonging to different varieties, when seeds are not readily available.
Nasir's father owns a cotton field in his village and finds it difficult to find seeds for the next set of cultivation, owing to which he is forced to spend a lot of money. He has to buy new seeds every year. Nasir wants to help his father and other farmers who face this difficulty, by collecting seeds.
Cotton Fields
Nasir is impressed by his grandfather's times, where the farmers could take seeds from their own plants. He wants to bring back the good old times, when farmers did not have to spend a lot of money. He wants to preserve seeds for his future generations.
Meaning of difficult words:
   1Seed  collector
One who gathers seeds from plants and uses it for future use
   2SowTo plant seeds in the ground
   3PreserveTo keep in   safe condition
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