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     We entered the building, climbed up the stairs and reached the attic on the second floor of the house.
     ‘This was my favourite room,’ said Aditya. The attic has always been a favourite with children. It is in the attic that the child seems to be in a world of its own.
     A portion of a wall of the attic had crumbled down, and through the ‘window’ that had been created, we could see the sky, the fields, a part of the rice mill, the spire of the old temple. In the whole house, the attic had probably been the worst hit by wind and weather. The floor was strewn with twigs and straw and pigeon droppings. Among other things, there was a broken cricket bat, the remains of an armchair and a wooden packing case.
     Aditya got on top of the packing case and pushed his hand inside the ventilator, thus upsetting a sparrow’s nest, a part of  which fell to the ground. However, he heaved a sigh of relief when he had got what he had been looking for. When I asked him what it was, he said, ‘You’ll get to know very soon.
The narrator and Aditya then enter the old building. They climbed the stairs to the attic on the house's second floor. After arriving at the location, Aditya stated, "This was my favourite room". He went on to say that the children's favourite room has always been the attic. In the attic, the infant looked to be in its universe. In addition, he said that there had been a broken wall in the attic. Through that, they could see the sky, the paddy field, a bit of the rice mill, and the spire of the old temple.
The attic had undoubtedly taken the brunt of the wind and weather damage compared to the rest of the house. The floor was covered with twigs and straw and pigeon droppings. The things found in the attic were a shatteredcricket bat, armchair parts, and a wooden packing container.
Aditya climbed to the top of the packing box and placed his hand into the hole, causing a sparrow's nest to fall to the ground. When he finally encountered what he was looking for, he breathed a sigh of relief. After seeing that, the narrator asked him what it was. Aditya then responded that he would get to know about that very soon.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Attic A space or room inside or partly inside the roof of a building
Favourite A thing that someone likes best or enjoys most
Crumble To break, or cause something to break, into small pieces
Spire A tall, pointed structure on top of a building, especially on top of a church tower
VentilatorAn opening or a device that allows fresh air to come into a closed space
Strewn Covered with untidily scattered things
Armchair A large, comfortable chair with side supports for a person's arms
HeaveThe act of throwing, pushing, or pulling something with a lot of effort
Sigh of relief A feeling of comfort after worrying about something
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