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     I noticed a sudden change in Aditya’s expression and I asked him the reason for it. Without answering me, he asked Nagen uncle who the gentleman was and what he did.
     Nagen uncle replied, ‘Sasanka Sanyal. What can be done? He leads a cursed life  – gone crazy, I think, but has not forgotten any incident of the past. Sold his lands to get his only daughter married. He lost his wife and only son last year. Since then he is somewhat changed – not really normal.’ ‘Where does he stay?’
     ‘He stays with a friend of his father’s –  Jogesh Kabiraj. Sasanka comes here, has tea and biscuits and always remembers to pay – having an acute sense of self-respect. But how long things will remain like this, I don’t know’.
     Having paid our bill and ascertained the location of Jogesh Kabiraj’s house, we got into the car. Aditya was at the wheel. He expressed the wish to visit his house. ‘So you do want to see your house after all?’ I said.
     ‘It has become essential to do so,’ Aditya  replied. His nerves seemed overwrought for some reason. We soon reached the house, which was surrounded by high walls. Even from the ruins, one could  easily imagine how grand it must have been once upon a time.
The narrator then noticed a sudden change in Aditya's expression. So he asked him what the reason behind it was. But Aditya did not answer the narrator's question. Instead, he asked Nagen uncle who the man was and what he did.

After hearing that, Nagen uncle responded that the man's name was Sasanka Sanyal. Furthermore, he stated that he lived a pathetic life and went crazy. Nagen uncle believed that Sanyal hadn't forgotten anything from the past.
Later, Nagen uncle said that Sanyal had sold his land to someone as a requirement for his daughter's marriage. He went on to say that the gentleman had lost his wife and son in the previous year. As a result, the man had changed and no longer appeared normal. Aditya later inquired about the man's residence.
Nagen uncle then said that Mr Sanyal stays with his father's friend, Jogesh Kabiraj. Then he mentioned that Sanyal would come to his tea shop regularly to have biscuits and tea. Also, he mentioned that Sanyal would always pay the amount once he finished his tea and biscuit. He also said that Sanyal was a man with self-respect. After telling the good qualities of Sanyal, Nagen uncle said that he was not sure how long things would happen in the same way.
Aditya and the narrator get into the car after paying their bill. They thought of finding the location of Jogesh Kabiraj's home. Aditya was in the driver's seat, and he started driving the car. Aditya then expressed his desire of revisiting his home. He said that it was necessary to go home. After telling that, Aditya appeared to be nervous for some reason. The narrator and Aditya then arrive at Aditya's residence. Tall walls encircled the house. Even from the ruins, it was easy to imagine how grand the home must have been once upon a time.
Meanings of the difficult words:
Expression The action of making known one's thoughts or feelings
Grand Used in the name of a place or building to show that it is large or beautiful and deserves to be admired
CurseExperiencing problems and unhappiness
CrazyMentally ill
AscertainTo discover something
Overwrought In a state of being upset, nervous, and worried
RuinTo spoil or destroy something completely
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