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     Not recognising Aditya, he asked us where we had come from.
     ‘Deodarganj,’ Aditya replied. ‘We are on our way to Kolkata.’
     A little surprised, Nagen uncle asked why we were there.
     ‘To have tea at your shop,’ said Aditya. ‘Certainly, besides tea, I have biscuits and savouries.
     Give us two nankhatai each..’
     We sat on two tin chairs. There was only one other customer sitting at a corner table, neither eating nor drinking tea, but sitting with his head bent, as though he were sleeping.
     Addressing him as Mr Sanyal, Nagen uncle reminded him to go home, as it was already 4 p.m. Other customers would soon be coming. Addressing us he said, with a wink in his eye, ‘A little hard of  hearing. Cannot see well either. But has no money to buy spectacles.’
     From his reaction to this speech, I began to wonder whether Mr Sanyal was not a little crazy as well, because suddenly he stood up, stretched himself and, raising his lean right arm, and with eyes  dilated, began to recite a poem by Tagore  – Panraksha (‘Keeping of a Promise’). Having recited the poem, he left the place, making the gesture of Namaste with his hands, to nobody in particular.
Nagen uncle didn't recognise Aditya after seeing him. Nagen uncle asked them where they had come from. The reason behind his question was that he had never seen them before. When an unknown person visits a new location, the residents ask similar questions to the stranger. When Aditya heard Nagen uncle's question, he replied that they were from 'Deodarganj' and were on their way to Kolkata.

After hearing Aditya's response, Nagen uncle felt surprised, and he asked them why they were there and what they were doing in Bramhapur. Later, Aditya said that they came to have tea in his shop. Nagen uncle then said that his shop had biscuits, savouries, and tea. Aditya then ordered two "nankhatai," one for himself and the other for the narrator. They were seated on two tin seats. They observed a person seated at a corner table was neither eating nor drinking tea. He seemed to be sleeping by sitting with his head bent.
Tea and biscuits

Nagen uncle addressed the man as Mr Sanyal. He reminded the man to go home. He stated that it was already 4 pm and that his tea shop's other customers would arrive. Then Nagen uncle, with a wink in his eye, told Aditya and the narrator that Mr Sanyal couldn't hear properly. He also stated that he could not see and lacked the financial means to purchase spectacles. Mr Sanyal then jumped up, stretched himself, raised his lean right arm and recited a Tagore poem, Panraksha ('Keeping of a Promise'), with his eyes enlarged. After seeing Mr Sanyal, the narrator questions if he is a little insane. Mr Sanyal then walked away from the tea shop, making a Namaste gesture with his hands to no one in particular.
Meanings of the difficult words:
SavouriesFood or dish that is salty or spicy
Nankhatai An authentic Indian sweet that is popular in India and Pakistan
Customer A person who buys goods or services from a shop or business
Gesture A movement of the body, hands, arms, or head to express an idea or feeling
SpectacleA pair of eye glasses
Recite To say a piece of writing aloud from memory
DilatedWider or further open than usual
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