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“O my father,” said Miranda, “what a trouble must I have been to you then!”
“No, my love,” said Prospero, “you were a little angel that did preserve me. Your innocent smiles made me bear up against my misfortunes. Our food lasted till we landed on this desert island, since when my chief delight has been in teaching you, Miranda, and well have you profited by my instructions.
“Heaven thank you, my dear father,” said Miranda. “Now tell me, sir, your reason for raising this sea-storm?”
 “Know then,” said her father, “that by means of this storm, my enemies, the King of Naples, and my cruel brother, are cast ashore upon this island.”
Having so said, Prospero gently touched his daughter with his magic wand, and she fell fast asleep; for the spirit Ariel just then presented himself before his master, to give an account of the tempest, and how he had disposed of the ship’s company, and though the spirits were always invisible to Miranda, Prospero did not choose she should hear him holding conversation (as would seem to her) with the empty air.
After hearing the sad story, Miranda said that Prospero had faced trouble because of her. Prospero told her that she was a little angel and she was the reason he was saved from the disaster. In addition, he stated that her innocent smiles made him overcome the obstacles that arose in their path. He also said that Gonzalo's timely help kept them alive on the boat. The food also lasted till they arrived on the deserted island. The term "deserted island" refers to a place where there was no human habitation. He claimed that educating Miranda gave him great joy while on the island. Later, he asked whether his advice had been helpful to her.
Miranda then expressed her gratitude to her father for sharing childhood experiences and teaching her virtues. Then she asked her father the reason behind raising the sea-storm. Prospero then stated that his adversaries, the King of Naples and his terrible brother, Antonio, had been brought onshore on this island by this storm.
After telling them about that, Miranda's father gently touched her with the magic wand. As a result, his daughter fell asleep quickly. Ariel later appeared in front of him to provide a detailed description of the storm and how he had dealt with the ship's crew. Prospero made her sleep because the spirits were invisible to her. Even though Miranda was always unaware of the spirits, Prospero did not choose for her to hear him conversing with the empty air.
Magic wand
Meanings of the difficult words:
To cause someone to be worried or nervous
Talk between two or more people in which thoughts, feelings, and ideas are expressed, questions are asked and answered, or news and information is exchanged
Innocent Having no knowledge of the unpleasant and evil things in life
MisfortuneBad luck, or an unlucky event
TempestA violent storm
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