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“Well, my brave spirit,” said Prospero to Ariel, “how have you performed your task?”
Ariel gave a lively description of the storm, and of the terrors of the mariners; and how the king’s son, Ferdinand, was the first who leaped into the sea; and his father thought he saw his dear son 
swallowed up by the waves and lost. “But he is safe,” said Ariel, “in a corner of the isle, sadly lamenting the loss of the king, his father.
“That’s my delicate Ariel,” said Prospero. “Bring him here: my daughter must see this young prince. Where is the king, and my brother?”
“I left them,” answered Ariel, “searching for Ferdinand, whom they have little hopes of finding, thinking they saw him perish. Of the ship’s crew not one is missing; though each one thinks himself  the only one saved: and the ship, though invisible to them, is safe in the harbour.”
Ariel then went to fetch Ferdinand.
Prospero praised Ariel for following his order and asked him how he accomplished the mission. After hearing that, Ariel gave a lively description of the storm. He made it to give a clear picture to Prospero. He described the mariners' fears due to the heavy storm. Moreover, Ariel said that the king's son, Ferdinand, was the first to fall into the sea. When he fell, his father thought he was swallowed by the waves and was lost in that sea.
Ferdinand drowning in the sea
Ariel then said that Ferdinand was safe in the corner of the island. Then he described the state of mind of Ferdinand. He stated that Ferdinand thought he had lost his father to the sea and was mourning the loss.
Lamenting Prince
Later, Prospero said, "That's my delicate Ariel". Here the term "delicate" means that Prospero praised Ariel for obeying his order. He asked Ariel to bring Ferdinand before him. He wanted to show the young prince to his daughter because she had seen no human face other than her father's. Then he asked him where was his brother Antonio and the King of Naples. Ariel then said that he had left everyone near the island. They searched for Ferdinand with no hope because they saw him drown in the sea.
Moreover, Ariel added that no one on the ship was missing. But the people who sailed in the ship believed that they were the only ones saved from the storm. In addition, Ariel said that the ship was invisible to them and it was safe in the harbour. Ariel then went to bring Ferdinand in front of Prospero.
Meanings of the difficult words:
TaskA piece of work to be done or undertaken
Description Something that tells you what something or someone is like
StormAn extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain, and often thunder and lightning
Terror Extreme fear or violent action that causes fear
MarinerA person who works on a ship; a sailor
Lament To express sadness and feeling sorry about something
IsleAn island
HarbourAn area of water next to the coast, often protected from the sea by a thick wall, where ships and boats can shelter
Crew A group of people who work together, especially all those who work on and operate a ship, aircraft, etc
Invisible Impossible to see
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