First, I pray to you that you teach me the value of inclusion.

     The people who write my textbooks and the ones who prescribe the syllabi will not tell you, how important inclusion is for me to do well in life. Without the sense of inclusion, I will not know that boundaries are meant to be pushed – not to be lived in.
     Take for example the fact that I clean my house but empty my garbage on the road. That is because, the road is not “included” in what I feel is my own.

     I feed my own child but do not ask if the maid has eaten today. Her hunger is not included in my hunger.

     I take my child to the movie but do not ask him to call the neighbour’s child. That child is outside my zone of parenting. So Teacher, teach me inclusion.
First of all, Subroto asked the teachers to teach them the importance of inclusion.
He said the people who write the syllabus or the textbook do not explain the importance of inclusion in life. When the teachers teach them the importance of inclusion, then the students can understand that there are no fixed boundaries to limit themselves and instead go beyond it.

He gave a few examples of inclusion.

1. Subroto said that he generally cleans house but puts the garbage on the roads. Because he feels that "roads" are not his, his house is his, and he should always keep it neat and clean. He need not bother about the roads.
2. He makes sure that his children are not going hungry and feed them regularly, but he doesn't even ask his servants or maids whether they have eaten or not. This is because their hunger is not very important for him and he doesn't bother about them.
. He makes sure his children enjoy, so he takes them to the movies for entertainment, but he don't thinks of his neighbour's kid who cannot afford all this entertainment. Just because the child is not his and is not included in his parenting, he doesn't take care of them.
So Subroto asked the teachers to teach the importance of inclusion in our day to day life to care for everyone.
Meanings of difficult words:
Prescribe Advise.
Syllabi Plural form of syllabus.
IncludedContained as part of a whole being considered.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-1 English Standard-7. A Prayer To The Teacher by Subroto Bagchi(Speaker) (pp. 54-59). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.