I pray to you to teach me to communicate.

     As I get caught in the rat race of the common entrance tests and cut throat competition, everyone will tell me that my survival depends on my power to impress. The more I want to impress, the less I will communicate. Teach me to speak and be able to write so that I am able to convey what I feel.
Teach me to interact with:

* the plainness of a child and the exposure of a flower.
* those who cannot speak or hear.
* people less gifted, less privileged than I am.
* Those who have come before me and those who will accompany.
* things alive and lifeless.
I pray to you to make me learn. More than that, Teacher, teach me how I can learn to learn.

     As you prepare me for the wide world in which I need to fend for myself and for others, one-time learning will not be good enough. I will have to have the ability to learn newer and more difficult things. Some of it I will need to learn very quickly. In all this, what will become critical is the process of learning itself, more than just what I am able to learn. Help me to learn newer ways to learn. And that will make learning a joy for me.
Subroto requested to teach them how to communicate with each other.
He says he doesn't want to talk for the sake of talking, but he wants to communicate. In this world of competition wherein, as the students grow, they have to write many entrance tests, and these tests will decide their fate. Unless and until students get good scores or ranks in the test's they are not eligible for anything. The world is so involved in impressing but forgetting about expressing. So, he wants the teacher to make the students communicate what they feel, as they are not able to put it on paper whatever they need to communicate.
He says to teach communication like a small child who doesn't understand how to manipulate the speech, like a flower, who has no artificial thing in it. He wants to talk to those who cannot speak or hear (deaf and dumb) and send messages to them. He wants to communicate with people who have fewer facilities. He wants to communicate with who is older than him and who is going to be with him forever. He wants to communicate with both living and non-living things.
Subroto wants children to be taught the process of learning.
He says that as the children grow up, they have to take care of themselves and the people around them. So, learning once is not enough; they have to learn every time a new thing to keep in pace with the world and take care of themselves and their family. The students have to learn new things every time, and sometimes even they have to learn very quickly. So, the entire process of learning itself will become difficult. He says the students need help to learn new things, and the process of learning should be enjoyable.
Meanings of difficult words:
Communicateshare or exchange information, news, or ideas.
Learn Gain or acquire knowledge.
CompetitionAn event or an exam in which people take part in order to establish superiority or supremacy in a particular area.
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