As I learn to learn from unusual sources, I pray that you teach me to appreciate the interconnected nature of things.
     Teach me, not just about the way the waves rise but what causes them to fall. Teach me to appreciate that the trees I fell, the small creatures I kill with indiscriminate use of fertilizers and pesticides on the ground, the urban decay I cause with my consumerism– all add to awesome imbalances in the natural state of things that cause death and destruction and can one day, engulf
me and mine.

     Each time I see a scavenging bird on my city’s skyline teacher, tell me why the singing birds are going away. And tell me how I can see them perched on my window sill again.
I pray to you to teach me not just the ability to answer, but also the power to question.

     Everyone is telling me to do as I am told. Before I know it, I am enslaved. It is because we do not ask questions. Only if we ask questions, can we get answers. If we get the answers, we can explore how to establish a better order of things. If we ask questions, we will also learn to be accountable. We will be more willing to accept that when we ask the questions, we can be questioned too. In that exchange, truth will emerge.
Subroto's next interest was about nature. He says everything in nature is interconnected and asks the teachers to teach them to the students.
He says not only to teach about how the waves will rise but also teach how and why it falls. These can be related to the ups and downs of our own life. So, falling or failing is not final; it is just the stepping stone to success. He also asks the teacher to teach how to appreciate the trees as they are helpful to us in many ways. The trees are being cut down for our materialist needs. The small creatures are being killed by the usage of fertilizers and insecticides on the crops. The balance of nature is deterring because of the garbage or decay. These are produced because of the materialist world, which is causing devastation and loss. One day our people are going to get destroyed because of this.
I see many scavenging birds like vultures he asks the teacher to explain why the sweet, singing birds are dying. He wants the little birds to be seen on the window sill again as it was from a few years there is pollution and wastage of plastics and all are killing those birds.
He requests the teachers to teach not only answering whatever is asked, but also the courage to question themselves and the others.


Everyone tells us to do whatever is already told to us, and we become slaves of those things. He said to teach us to question those things so that we get proper answers. If we get answers, we can find more about those things and find the solutions to the problems by ourselves. In that way, whatever we find out others will also ask questions and finally whatever is the truth that will come out.
Meanings of difficult words:
SourcesThing from which something originates or can be obtained.
Scavenging Collect from discarded waste.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-1 English Standard-7. A Prayer To The Teacher by Subroto Bagchi(Speaker) (pp. 54-59). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.