As I learn the power of humility, teach me about how all things that sustain life on earth, come free.

     Teacher, I will live in an increasingly commercial world. I will be judged on how much “value” I can create by buying and selling things. My personal success will be determined by my ability to consume. I will not be able to always question the ways of the world, but do tell me how all things that truly support life, come without payment.
     The cow does not get paid for the milk she gives us.
     The earth does not ask for money for the crops we get.
     The sea does not come to get royalties on the catch of the day.
     The sun, the air, the river and the clouds do not get paid for their services.
I pray to you to teach me the power of silence – teach me also to raise my voice to protect the truth.

     In a world where every moment is going to be full of noise, teach me to be quiet. Teach me to appreciate the sound of silence. For, in silence I can contemplate the power within.

     Teach me to make my point without having to raise my voice.

     And teach me to raise my voice, teacher, when my silence can hurt another life.
Subroto was so involved that he says he learns more about modesty, he wants to know how is that all that we get to survive is free. Everything like air, water, soil, which are the necessities is free of cost.

Subroto says that we are all living in an increasing materialist world, and the people are given importance on how much bank balance one has, the value of their cars, watches, and their dresses. He will be judged based on whether he is capable of buying costly things. He cannot always question the world because it is not about a single person, but he wants to understand how the most important things to survive comes free.
The cow is not being paid for giving milk. The soil does not ask anything in return to grow crops. The sea does not ask for anything for the fishes and other catches it gives. The sun for heat, the air for breathing, the rivers and clouds for water are not asking for any wages.
Please teach me the importance of silence, and also to raise the voice when something is wrong to protect the truth.
In this world, everything is noisy from morning till late at night. He just wants to be quiet and let his success speak for him. He wants to be taught the power of silence because when someone is silent, they can hear their inner voice and make wise decisions. He wants to be taught, without screaming how to make an impact on this world. He also says not to be silent always he requests to teach when to raise the voice, especially if keeping quiet will ruin someone's life.
Meanings of difficult words:
Sustain Support.
Silence Quietness.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-1 English Standard-7. A Prayer To The Teacher by Subroto Bagchi(Speaker) (pp. 54-59). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.