Finally, I pray to you to teach me to develop a world view of things.
     Teach me to appreciate that poverty, disease and hunger have no nationality. For hundreds of years, I have lived in a world with narrow domestic walls. In that world patriotism was founded on religious bigotry, racial intolerance and man’s remarkably short view of time. It was bounded by barbed wires and smoking guns. In the future that I want to create, I want you to teach me the power of loving my fellow human beings.

      Teach me to appreciate diversity and dialogue.

     Teach me tolerance and teach me to remove the word “foreign” and “foreigner” from my vocabulary.

     This is my world, teacher. In this world, I do not want to be a foreigner to anyone and I do not want to treat anyone like a foreigner.

     With these thoughts, allow me to conclude my convocation address. May this day remain with you forever and may your path be illuminated with the power of a thousand Suns. Thank You and Good Luck.
Finally, he says teach to view things properly.
He says whichever country you belong to hunger, poverty, and disease have no nationality, and they need only your empathy. For hundreds of years instead of being together we have created barriers among ourselves based on religion, racial discrimination whether someone is dark-skinned or white-skinned and we have made boundaries with wires with current flowing and soldiers holding guns. He wanted the teachers to teach how to love every human being irrespective of their caste, colour, religion, nation and want to create a better future.
He says to teach them how to acknowledge the range of different things and the languages being spoken. He wants a world where he don't want to be a foreigner to anyone, and anyone won't be a foreigner to him, and he wants the word foreign or foreigner to be removed from our vocabulary. He concluded the speech with all these words. He wished good luck to the teachers and said their future should be as bright as a thousand suns.
Meanings of difficult words:
Develop Grow.
Diversity A range of different beings.
ForeignerA person born in or coming from a country other than one's own..
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