Even though Neerja’s career had taken off, her family decided to get her married to a man in Sharjah, UAE. By March 1985, Neerja was married. This is where her life took a turn for the worse. The marriage proved to be a disaster. After two months, she left her husband at the age of 22, due to pressurizing dowry demands. But this woman refused to surrender to the society because she was born with the spirit to fight. Despite a sour marriage, she started her career in modelling and made appearances in various advertisements like Binaca toothpaste etc.
Despite Neerja's successful career, her family arranged to get to her marry at the age of \(22\) to a man in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. In March \(1985\), Neerja married him as per the family's advice; but it didn't work out. At this point, her life had taken a turn for the worse. The marriage was destined to fail at some point. Due to dowry pressures, she left her husband after two months of her marriage at the age of \(22\) and returned to her parents.

On the other side, this woman refused to give in to society because she was born with a fighting spirit. She tried to come out of the troubled married life. Despite a bad marriage, she began her modelling career and appeared in advertisements for Binaca toothpaste and other brands.
Meaning of difficult words:
Take off
Successful or popular
An event resulting in great loss or a lot of damage
Refers to bad, unfriendly or unpleasant thing
Refer to the positive attitude of someone
Refers to money, jewels, property etc., that a bride's family offers to the bridegroom
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