She then applied for a flight attendant’s job with Pan Am, the principal and largest international air carrier in the United States at that time. Only 80 of the 10,000 applicants were picked, and Neerja was one of them. She was sent to Miami to train for 6—8 weeks, and within a year, based on performance and peer review, she was sent to London to train to be a purser – the senior most cabin manager. Pursers worked as managers on flights, handling passenger complaints, making required announcements and handling security. She was soon made a senior flight purser with the airways — a big career achievement for a young woman of 22.
She then applied for a flight attendant vacancy with Pan Am. It was the country's main and largest international airline in the United States round that time. Just \(80\) people were selected out of \(10,000\) applicants, and Neerja was one of them.
She was sent to Miami for 6–8 weeks of training, and after a year, she was sent to London to train as a purser, the most senior cabin manager, based on her success and peer examination. Pursers served as flight managers, dealing with passenger issues, necessary announcements, and handling security. She quickly took up the airway position to become a senior flight purser, which was a significant career accomplishment for a young woman of \(22\).
Meaning of difficult words:
Someone whose job is to be in a particular place and help customers or visitors
Someone who has the same age, status, or abilities as the other members of a community
Refers to a person in a ship or a plane who takes care of passengers
Something that is achieved after a lot of hard work
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