In day-to-day life, we sort many things in order. Sorting things and arrange it in a order gives you a beautiful look.
Some real-life examples of sorting things are listed below.
Sorting spoons, plates, bowls, mixer, etc., in the kitchen.
You are arranging notebooks in your school bag.
We are arranging pillows on the bed.
We are arranging books on shelves.
We are segregating different items in the supermarket.
Segregating wastages and keep it in the dustbin.
Suppose you need to arrange your books from Grade I to Grade V on a shelve. Each Grade has five subject books. They are Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science.
(i) How will you arrange your books?
(ii) How many methods are there to arrange the books?
(ii) Is arranging Subject wise is better than arranging Grade wise?
(iii) Which is the easy way to arrange the books?
(i) I will arrange the books Grade wise. Each Grade has five books in the given order.
(ii) There are two methods to arrange the books. One is Grade wise another is Subject wise.
(iii) No, arranging Grade wise is better than arranging Subject wise.
(iv) Arranging the books subject wise is the easy way.