Every week starts with Sunday and ends with Saturday. Do you know which day comes after Saturday?
Yes, the day after Saturday is Sunday and this week also ends with Saturday. It goes on infinitely. There is no end for this process.
Do you see any pattern here?
Yes, a week is repeated again and again. This repeating process is a pattern.
Let's see some more real-life examples for repeated processes.
1. Month of the year followed patterns.
January followed by February.
February followed by March.
March followed by April.
December followed by January.
2. Festivals in the year follows pattern.
3. We can see stairs in the floor are located in a unique pattern with the same length and width.
4. The feather of the peacock follows a unique pattern. That's why it looks so beautiful.
Patterns around us:
Iterative process:
If the same procedure repeated many times, and you obtained a new form, then the process you have done is called iterative.