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Step 1: If the given time is \(12\!:\!00\) a.m. (midnight), change \(12\!:\!00\) a.m. as \(00\!:\!00\) hours and proceed further. There is no change up to \(12\!:\!59\) p.m.
Step 2: If the given time is \(1\!:\!00\) a. m. to \(12\!:\!59\) p.m., then no time change in \(24\)-hour format. Just write the time as it is in \(4\) digits.
Step 3: If the given time is \(1\!:\!00\) p.m. to \(11\!:\!59\) p.m., add \(12\!:\!00\) hours to the given time and write it in \(4\) digits.
1. Convert \(12\!:\!15\) a.m. to \(24\)-hour format.
By using the above procedure, change \(12\!:\!00\) a.m. as \(00\!:\!00\) hours.
Therefore, \(12\!:\!15\) a.m. \(=\) \(00\!:\!15\) hours
2. Write \(8\!:\!45\) a.m. in \(24\)-hour format.
\(8\!:\!45\) a.m. lies between \(1\!:\!00\) a.m. to \(12\!:\!59\) p.m.
By the above procedure, no time change between \(1\!:\!00\) a.m. to \(12\!:\!59\) p.m.
Write the time as it is in \(4\) digits.
Therefore, \(8\!:\!45\) a.m. \(=\) \(08\!:\!45\) hours.
3. Convert \(8:45\) p.m. in railway format.
\(8:45\) p.m. lies between \(1:00\) p.m. to \(11:59\) p.m.
Add \(12:00\) hours to the given time by the above procedure.
Therefore, \(8:45\) p.m. \(=\) \(20:45\) hours.
1. Write hours at the end of the \(24\)-hour time format. Don't write a.m. or p.m. at the end of \(24\)-hour format.
2. Minutes will not change in both \(12\)-hour and \(24\)-hour formats.