Every human has to live in a healthy environment. Humans environment consists of many different types of people with different mentalities. These surrounding people can influence humans both positively and negatively. A positive influence from the surrounding can enrich a person life, but the negative influence will affect the personal health both physically and mentally. These negative influences create negative emotions in the human mind, affecting health conditions. Influences that negatively affect human health conditions are called abuse. In this section, we will study abuse and the type of abuse.
The cruel, violent, harmful or dangerous treatment of another human being is abuse.
Physical, emotional or psychological, verbal, child and sexual abuses are some types of abuses.
Abuse occurs both within the family and among people not associated with the family.
In recent years, there has been a rise in the usage of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, particularly among teenagers and adolescents seeking adventure, excitement, curiosity, and experimentation.
Let us now look at some of them in detail.
Between the ages of  \(2\) and \(13\) years, every human's physical and mental health is determined. Child development should take place in a healthy environment. Society should provide appropriate emotional and moral support during the child's developmental stage. Abuse during the developmental stage harms the child's psychological and physical health. These abuses may have long-term consequences for the child. It is everyone's responsibility to raise a healthy child.
Child abuse - domestic violence
Child abuse:
It encompasses all forms of physical or mental abuse, sexual abuse, and exploitation that cause a child's health, survival, and development to suffer.
A picture indicates stopping child abuse.
The acts that cause physical harm such as threatening, beating, kicking and hitting the child are physical abuse.
Sexual abuse:
The form of power and dominance of one person over another resulting in harmful consequences to the victim is known as sexual abuse.
It refers to unwanted or compelled sexual contact. Sexual harassment of adolescent girls and women takes many forms. Workplace sexual abuse is the more widespread abuse. The most prevalent abuse is verbal statements, comments, gestures, and glances. Individuals impacted experience psychological distress, physical disease, and food disorders.
A picture highlights the safety tips for women.
Children are phasing abuses in society because they are vulnerable and easy to exploit from the stakes of evils in society at a young age.  A child is vulnerable to mental, physical, sociological, psychological, and emotional abuse from within and without their family. It is not always the case that a stranger would cause harm, but very close relatives of a child may be the cause of wrongdoing. Because child sexual abuse is not a widely discussed topic in our society, there is little awareness of it. However, we need to have a public discussion about this topic to know it.
Child sexual abuse
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Figure depicting the stop child sexual abuse
It is also known as child molestation. In this form, a child is used by an adult or older adolescent for sexual stimulation.
Abusers are frequently familiar to the child and may even live in the same neighbourhood.
Children may not realise they are being exploited and are considered easy candidates for sexual abuse. Abusers also utilise bribes (such as chocolates and toys) to entice children and exploit their innocence.
Child sexual exploitation includes indecent exposure (of the genitals, female nipples, and so on), child grooming, and child sexual exploitation, which includes using a child to make child pornography.
Symptoms of sexual abuse include genital damage, abdominal pain, repeated urine infections, and behavioural issues.
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