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National Tree:
India's National Tree is the Banyan tree (Ficus bengalensis). The 'Indian Fig Tree' is an uncommon name for this species. It can be found practically everywhere in India, particularly near temples.

The Great Banyan Tree - National Tree
Branches of Indian fig trees root themselves like new trees across a wide area. More trunks and branches are produced as a result of the roots. Even today, the village council meets under the shade of the banyan tree, which remains the main centre of village life.
National Animal:
Panthera tigris, the elegant Tiger, is an animal with stripes. The majestic Royal Bengal Tiger is India's national animal. The Bengal tiger is an emblem of strength, majesty, and agility.
It's noted for its unique and fascinating characteristics that separate it apart from the rest of India's wild creatures. Because of these characteristics, it has been designated as the country's national animal.

Bengal Tiger - India's National Animal
Project Tiger
By \(1973\), the Tiger's population had begun to decline at an alarming rate. As a result, in April \(1973\), Project Tiger was launched in order to conserve the Royal Bengal tiger. The Project Tiger tries to save them from extinction by preserving important biological places as a national resource.
Key Facts:
1. Panthera tigris is its scientific name.
2. The Royal Bengal Tiger was designated as India's national animal in April \(1973\).
3. Project Tiger's first director was Kailash Sankhala.
4. The lion was India's national animal before \(1973\).