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The Mediterranean Forest
Summer is hot and dry; winter is mild and wet
RegionSouth Atacama desert, Central Chile
FloraThorny Shrubs, Cactus, Evergreen Laurel and Acacia
FaunaNot much wildlife is found here.
Acacia - South America - Yaclass.jpg
The acacia trees and red ants live in a mutually benefiting relationship. The tree produces specialised structures to shelter and feed the ant colony, and the ants, in turn, defend the tree against herbivores.
The Savanna Grassland
Summer is hot and moist; winter is cold and dry.
RegionGuiana Highlands, Brazilian highland, Northern Argentina and Paraguay
FloraTall coarse grass and Acacias
FaunaCapybara, Marshy Deer, White-bellied and Spider Monkey
Capybara - South America - Yaclass.jpg
Spider monkey  - South America - Yaclass.jpg
Spider monkey
Long, thin arms characterise the spider monkey with gripping tails that enable them to move gracefully from branch to branch and tree to tree.These nimble monkeys spend most of their time on trees and maintain a powerful grip on branches even though they have no thumbs.