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The League of Nations:

The International group was formed post the end of World War I in \(1918\). It was mainly established to iron out the difference between the warring countries with the tool of diplomacy.

The League of Nations as an institution had mixed success in its tenure, which vanished during World War II in \(1945\).
\(14\) Points: The Birth of the league was attributed to the \(14\) points speech of the then President of the US, “Woodrow Wilson” in \(1918\).
The League was the brainchild of Wilson, who envisioned an organisation that is capable of resolving conflicts amicably.

The ultimate aim of establishing the league was to avert another global war that would sound the death knell to human beings. But the organisation miserably failed to uphold its objective.
The Fall of the League

1. The Second World War broke out in \(1945\), between the Allied forces (UK, US, Russia, France) and the Axis Forces (Germany, Italy, Japan).

2. Before the ignition of the war, most of the League countries like Norway, Belgium, France etc., fell under the wrath of Hitler in \(1940\).v

3. Thus, the league members began to dismantle the office of the league in their countries, which failed to protect the countries from the Axis forces.
The Origin of United Nations \((1945)\):
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Atlantic Charter Stamp
During the World Wars, heinous crimes were committed against human beings by both sides as they were involved in the conquest of Supremacy.
San Francisco: The Allied forces convened the idea of the “United Nations” in its first planning conference in \(1944\), which was held in San Francisco.
The Warring powers of the West decided to end the countless incidences of barbarism performed on humans during the war. They strongly vowed to protect the rights of humans under an organisation.
Atlantic Charter: The Atlantic Charter was the declaration framed by Franklin.D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in \(1941\) to push for an International Peace effort.
The Atlantic Charter was seen as a precursor for the establishment of the United Nations.
The United Nations:

The main ideals of the United Nations were derived from the Atlantic Charter of \(1941\). The UN Charter was created in the Post-War era, which described the role of the United Nations.
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United Nations Flag
The Leaders of the Allied forces designed the UN Charter and its principles at the conference held in \(1945\).
UNCIO: The United Nations Conference on International Conference took place in \(1945\) in San Francisco.
The Conference paved the way for the establishment of the United Nations Organisation on October \(24\), \(1945\), which was later celebrated as the UN day. \ (51\) countries signed the official Charter in \(1945\).

The United Nations Organisation functioned as a champion of Human rights from its provenance, which inculcates the theme of Human rights in its policies.
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